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What is PFAS and Do Eiyan Lenses Have Them?

What is PFAS and Do Eiyan Lenses Have Them? 

Are your contact lenses hiding toxic “forever” chemicals?

A recent eye-opening news report published by The Guardian has sent shockwaves through the contact lens industry. The article sheds light on a concerning discovery: high levels of organic fluorine, a marker for "forever chemicals" known as PFAS, found in 18 popular contact lens brands. This revelation has left contact lens wearers questioning the safety of their trusted vision correction tools.


What are PFAS chemicals, how can they be harmful to you, and is there a solution? Let’s find out quickly.

What is PFAS? 

Per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) are a group of human-made chemicals widely used in various industries due to their exceptional water- and grease-resistant properties. These chemicals have been employed in the manufacturing of a myriad of everyday products, ranging from non-stick cookware and waterproof clothing to firefighting foams and, alarmingly, even some contact lenses.

How are PFAS Chemicals Harmful to Human Health?

The hazard is that PFAS are persistent and bioaccumulative, meaning they don't break down easily and can accumulate in our bodies over time. Research has linked PFAS exposure to a range of potential health risks, including:

  • Adverse effects on your immune system
  • Kidney and testicular cancer
  • Thyroid disease
  • High cholesterol
  • Pregnancy-induced hypertension
  • Reproductive and developmental effects
  • Fetal complications
  • Liver problems

Although the research is still happening, studies till now show that there are many health problems that are linked with these chemicals.

But why do they even use PFAS in contact lenses? That is because they make your lenses comfortable, soft, and easy on your eyes. Just as you would want. Confused? We’ll clear it in a moment.

Although the route through which PFAS from contact lenses can reach into your body is not entirely confirmed yet, but as we already know, eyes have a draining system. The thin layer of fluid from the surface of your eyes drains into ducts that carry it all the way into the veins of the body.

Another route is the nasolacrimal duct, that drains the same fluid into your nose, and from there it can go inside your body.

What is the Solution?

You might be thinking that if PFAS chemicals are used to optimize the properties of contact lenses and make them super-comfortable for you, there might not be another choice. Or the lenses that do not contain PFAS will be a compromise on your comfort. Not anymore.


We have been working hard to manufacture industry-quality contact lenses that are absolutely free from PFAS and other harmful chemicals, with no compromise on comfort, softness, moistness, and quality.


Eiyan lenses are PFAS-Free, FDA-approved for safety, made of high quality silicone hydrogel having a water content of 47% and boasting a high, healthy oxygen permeability of 175 Dk/t that keeps your cornea nourished in oxygen throughout the day.

Experience the Benefits:

Affordability, cost-cutting, environment friendliness, ease of use, monthly relief, and ease of shopping, we’re acing it all. Order your first 3-month supply of Eiyan lenses for free today! 

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