David, our founder, had been selling contacts for some time, when he noticed a troubling trend: each year the big pharma contact lens companies kept hiking their prices...and the end consumers (you!) were feeling the burn.

People hesitated before buying lenses.

Some people just kept wearing glasses. Others would overwear lenses and risk their eye health - because they couldn't afford a fresh, replacement pair. πŸ˜”

David was determined to create a solution.

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We've partnered with a trusted contact lens manufacturer to make superior quality lenses available for everyone. eiyan lenses are manufactured by one of the largest contact lens manufacturers in the world with 20+ years experience bringing safe, comfortable, quality lenses to consumers everywhere.

(Some of the brand names use the same manufacturer. Shhhh! Don't tell πŸ™‚ )

By cutting out the middleman and bringing Eiyan lenses directly to his customers, David was able to introduce high-quality + convenient + affordable lenses to the market.

Bottom line

Eiyan lenses are an everyday product that was created to fill a real need in the market: Quality, convenient, affordable contacts

And we know we've hit the jackpot!

Just as good as competitors,
but more affordable

Samantha S.

Hawthorne, NV

Wow! I absolutely new lenses! It's like I'm not even wearing contacts! They fit perfectly!!! I am so happy and would definitely recommend to anyone who wears contact lenses. I am blown away by how comfortable and great they are. So glad I found you guys!!!

May 05, 2024

Amber J.

San Antonio, TX

Amazing! I absolutely love my purchase! The best contacts they don't dry your eyes out. I wear them all day my eyes stay moist! I love the thought of the cute little case they send. Awesome contacts!

April 10, 2024

Qwatrice M.

Centerville, GA

I love the contacts I I love the contacts I received from Eiyan Lens . They are so comfortable, and the prescription is on point . It’s as if I went to an actual eye doctor without the hassle of paying hundreds of dollars. Thank you Eiyan Lens !

March 03, 2024

Ryanne G.

Tulsa, OK

Love these contacts! My eyes are really sensitive so finding a monthly contact that is thin and comfortable is hard to come by! I will be buying these again! πŸ™ŒπŸΎ

Mar 03, 2024

Ryan B.

Spruce Pine, NC

Best contacts! These contacts I can wear all day with out any discomfort or irritation, these are even better than the name not mentioned brands you get from the eye dr

Dec 03, 2023

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